Valentines Day For Pregnant Couples

by: codemonkey23 | Valentines Day Date

So you or your partner is pregant? That means no wine for at least one of you. This is an all day kind of date, but she deserves it, right?

Grab your camera and start the day off at the Botanical Gardens. Spend your time on short walk and enjoy the great Phoenix weather. Since she's pregnant, this is a great chance to see a lot on a short walk. Make sure to get someone to shoot pictures of both of you... it's the last valentines day together before another member joins your family.

Reward yourselves by running over to Gelato Spot. Nothing says love like sweets. Then steup it up a notch by getting facials, manicures and pedicures over at Cloud 9 (it's right by Forefather's Cheesesteaks... another great spot).

Finish the day off at the valley's best Thai restaurant, Yupha's Thai Kitchen. They recently moved the restaurant and have a great new look. Make sure you're going to the new location on Elliott and McClintock.

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