Japan in Phoenix

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I think this would be a great set of places to go to experience Japan in Phoenix.

Take a stroll through the Japanese Friendship Garden for the afternoon or perhaps catch the tea ceremony.

Then head over to Stingray for some delicious sushi and drinks, here's a tip: if you sit at the sushi bar they'll give you free miso soup and edamame. The sushi bar is neat because you can watch them make the rolls and the sitting is a bit more intimate and right next to each other instead of across. (Make sure to show your date the fish in the floor in the reception area. Perhaps be racy and suggest she pocket the river rock on her plate so that she can remember the evening together.)

After you're done with dinner, if you still want to spend more time together, go across the street to Geisha for some more awesome drinks and maybe get brave enough to rent an intimate karaoke room and sing your hearts out just to be silly.

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