Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Day Date

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Well, if you're lucky enough to head on a date with someone that enjoys the Arizona Cardinals as much as I do, this date is/was fantastic. Probably not the best for a first date, but definitely a good date to go on to get to know one another.

Plan on leaving the valley around 12:00ish to make practice time of 3:05pm at the NAU practice fields in Flagstaff, AZ (I-17 North to McDonnell exit, hang a right, and you'll run right in to it). I do recommend bringing something to sit on, as we didn't and we had to sit on the dirt, but it was still worth it. Practice goes until 5:05pm, but we escaped a tad early to beat all the people leaving from the less than effective routes getting out of the NAU practice fields.

We headed on over to Beaver Street Brewery after the practice to grab a few beers (I had the Railhead Red and she had the Pale Ale) and some good eats. We both ended up getting the same burger and headed out on the patio afterwards to soak up the nice weather and to chat.

Gas: $25
Food: $50
Time spent in the car getting to know one another (4 hours): Priceless

(Note - this date is only available during training camp - obviously)

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