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First, test the waters with mini-golf. Because you're both moving from hole to hole, the conversation stays light and playful. There is a lot of room to flirt or see what chemistry there is in a short amount of time. Plus if it's a mess, you're only out a few bucks and can skate at any time. Hopefully, if everything is going well, you'll be able to slide over to the wine bar to a more intimate location.

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Date Reviews

Charlene on 01/17/2009 12:10:18

It sounds like a great way to really learn about your date. How competitive is your date? How does your date handle a bit of stress? All good things to know, and the earlier in the dating process, the better! Wonderful date idea.

chasers on 01/14/2009 12:31:55

That Castles-n-Coasters can be a little ghetto at times.

beau@datedesigner.com on 12/16/2008 07:24:31

I've heard that mini-golf on first dates is an easy way to break the ice. It allows for plenty of time to really get to know each other.

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