Houston Zoo: Fun for All Kinds!

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A trip to the zoo may seem like a rather tame outing, but with the right companion and a little prior planning it can be quite the experience! Current admission cost is $10 per adult, but entry is free on most major holidays. Here are some ideas to make the most of your visit:

- GO EARLY. The zoo opens at 9 AM most days; you don't want to arrive much later than 10. Showing up early will let you park in a decent place, and you'll have plenty of time to explore before the Houston heat makes your date's clothes stick to them.
- If you think your date will want souvenirs, or if you want to give them something to remember the visit, get a roll of quarters and a roll of pennies before your trip. Try to find all of the penny souvenir machines and let your date select their favorite animal from each one.
- Dress appropriately. Light fabrics are a must, and airy, flowing sun dresses can add a little excitement to the secluded, out-of-the-way areas. (The Aquarium, the grizzly bear display, and the viewing tunnel under the lion exhibit are all fine examples IF you go early!)
- Show your date how well you know the place by looking at a map ahead of time, then visiting things like the Komodo dragon, great hornbill, flamingos, and wild African dogs. They're not the usual sights, and they don't smell like zoo!
- As the heat mounts, take advantage of the several air-conditioned buildings the zoo has. Start with the Natural Encounters building; later, hit the Tropical Bird House. (The Reptile House is optional; only go if you think your date will be interested.) Make sure to save the Aquarium for last - it's cool and dark, making it a great opportunity for a little adventure.
- Bring your own water and snacks, but also bring $10 along. You never know what your date will decide they want as you both explore.
- Ride the carousel! $4 for two people, $2 if you're already a zoo member. It's a fun way to sit down for a moment and take a break.
- Search for the bunnies. There's a family of brown rabbits that lives in the zoo, but isn't part of an exhibit. Instead, they can be found running through all of the outside enclosures, or sometimes in the roped-off areas that aren't subject to foot traffic. Keep your eyes peeled.

A little planning can make a trip to the Houston Zoo a very enjoyable date, whether you're looking to hold hands and look at the cute animals or hoping to get a bit closer than hand-holding. I hope these ideas help!

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