Tempe Marketplace Dinner, Movie, and Fun

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So this probably only rates on the romantic scale if the movie you see is of the genre. However, I have found this simple scheme works wonders for a fun night in Tempe. Now, you may be asking, "Why Genghis Grill?" Well why not? I mean, sure there are more romantic places -- Kabuki sushi mayhaps -- but I find that Genghis Grill can be fun and also romantic, especially for a first or blind date, because it is a mongolian BBQ restaurant, you get to see what each other's tastes are, as you get to choose what goes into your bowls. You can also see if your partner likes to pack away the all-you-can-eat grub or not. There are actually small nook tables which can be cozy, but this is not a quiet place.

Moving on though, the Dinner and a Movie thing has always been a date staple -- why? Good food and conversation followed by cuddling in the dark. So I do recommend catching the latest flick on the big screen at the Cine Capri.

Dave & Busters is a great place to playfully compete in a little games of skill or luck, and see what your date considers "fun". This place was a definite on the hit list when they had an air hockey table. Yes, air hockey. A little luck, a little skill, some playful trash-talkin', and just a little sweat and action to get things moving. Sadly, this is gone now (some whining about it being too close to the bar... hitting customers... wah wah) but at least you can still challenge your date to game of billiards, video bowling, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Finally, wind down with a sweet treat at the Cold Stone Creamery, and maybe sit down near the outdoor fireplace and just talk, sit close, and enjoy your company. (I would have also recommended even higher the Gelato place, but they have gone out of business. A pity, but Cold Stone is a worthy dessert stop.)

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beau@datedesigner.com on 12/19/2008 01:18:45

I've never been to the Genghis Grill, but Dave & Buster's is a good place to have a good time on a date for sure! I've been there a few times on a date and we had tons of fun.

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