A Night Under The Stars

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Take your date out for a night under the stars! Bring a picnic, bottle of wine, blankets, flashlight and your camera. Stargazing public programs are offered on different Saturday Nights (some Fridays) around the valley: Lake Pleasant, McDowell Mountain Park, San Tan Mountain Park, etc. Here is their 2008-2009 schedule: http://www.stargazingforeveryone.com/Public-Programs-Flyer.pdf
The event is free, but there may be charges for parking. All these venues are ideal locations for viewing the stars away from city lights.

This Saturday, October 18th, get to the Lake Pleasant Desert Outdoor Center at 6:30pm to catch the sunset with your picnic or some freshly grilled hamburgers offered by the center. The evening begins at 7:30 with a ranger led night hike to Honeymoon Cove followed by a small presentation of the October night sky. Several high powered telescopes will be set up until 9:30 to view interesting celestial objects and "Stargazing for Everyone" members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Hold your camera up to the view finder to take some close up pictures of the moon, or Saturn, or Ura...nevermind.

On this particular night, the Orionid Meteor Shower will be putting on a show.

After your night under the stars, head down to Kokomo Joe's at Tatum and Dynamite in Cave Creek for some drinks, a game of pool and dancing with some live music.

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Charlene on 01/16/2009 11:57:50

This sounds like a wonderful date. I'm sure that these parks have other nights when they do special events, so I'll be checking their calendars for evening events. Thanks for the link to their program page.

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