North Phoenix Day of Hiking & Pampering

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This date takes a bit of planning and thought, but provides a day full of adventure, relaxation and fun. You are certain to impress your loved-one! Start the morning with a cup of coffee, grab your date and head to the Arizona Hiking Shack in Cave Creek: Browse through hiking boots and supplies and grab an energy bar or four before heading over to North Mountain. Don't forget your hat, water bottle and camera. The trails on this gorgeous city mountain provide a good climb, wonderful views and a great chance to spend time together without the noise of everyday life. (Turn off that Blackberry before you hit the trail!)
Afterward, take your date across the street to the Tocoloma Spa and Salon for a hot rock massage to unwind. After you've enjoyed the sauna and other amenities, grab the secret suitcase you packed in your trunk and hand your date a dapper outfit. You've got reservations at A Pointe in Time, one of the best views in the Valley. Sit on the patio, sip a great glass of wine, enjoy a wonderful meal and bask in the glory of a great date!

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