Road to the Heart

by: Charlene | Active Date, Adventurous Date, Romantic Date

On this date, you move slowly and open yourself to beauty. Along the way, you discover beautiful things about yourself and your date.

You start at the Phoenix Art Museum after work. You move slowly through the works of art, opening yourself to experience art from the masters in their grand collection. Bring a pair of energy bars and healthy drinks so you have a light snack instead of a dinner before the next event. You will notice that your breathing slows down as you take in the art around you.

About 6:45, you find your way to the Yoga Phoenix center at Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram in the historic Coronado District for the Gong Event with Sangeet (first Tuesday of each month). After a short yogic warm up, you enjoy an hour long gong meditation that transforms your mind and senses. You are wearing comfortable yoga/workout clothing, a yoga mat, and bring a blanket to cover yourself as you lay on the floor and experience the healing gong.

After the gong, you will both be hungry. Why not visit Paisley Violin for some tea or other light drink and a light late dinner? You will have plenty to talk about after your gong meditation experiences, something more substantial than chatter about your day. You may find yourself talking about the deepest matters of your heart, and your date's heart. Enjoy!

Note: This date is best taken on the first Tuesday of each month. Check the schedule for Yoga Phoenix online for the gong meditation and other yoga classes at the ashram.

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